Photography Philosophy

I am an artist. A beauty-finder. A storyteller.

 Photography is about seeing. And interpreting. Using the language of pictures and images. Beauty, by its very nature is fleeting. Our lives are not static. One moment morphs effortlessly into the next, and the season changes. The beauty found in this moment is gone, replaced by the beauty of the next. To hit freeze-frame. Capturing a piece of the "now", for forever. This is the process that I love.



  • Kodak Gallery Award
  • Fugifilm Masterpiece Award
  • Single Image Winner (People and Portrait  Category) international competition.
  • BandW Magazine Gold winner (2007)
  • Published internationally.


I started out old school, baby, shooting film. More than fifteen years ago I discovered photography as a healing outlet for myself following a personal tragedy. Over the years I've developed a unique process of image making that involves a certain point of view and "Je ne sais quoi" that enable me to tell your story beautifully.

 My interests have expanded to include other areas of design and activism, but family photography remains a beloved vein of my total work.