Hair and Makeup by Deborah Kay

So my sister Deborah is now a fully licensed hairstylist and makeup artist! Yay! And she is so incredibly talented that she is already working Charleston Fashion Week. What!? I know right. 

Anyway. We put our heads together for a mini session to showcase her hair and makeup skills for her portfolio. She did the whole range from sleek to avant-garde.

I even jumped in front of the camera for a minute to be the mature hairstyle shot for her portfolio. As many people know (or may not know), I lost my hair and have worn wigs for a couple of years. I finally got enough hair for Deborah to whip me up a little hairstyle for very short hair. If you must lose your hair, having a fiercely talented hairstylist sister is highly recommended.  

Also, it's her birthday today. Happy Birthday, Deborah Kay! What are we both like 27 now? 

If you are in the Charleston area and want to look beautiful. Look her up!!!

And me posing as her older mature woman hairstyle shot. Glad I could help out with that.

Here are a couple of shots of Deborah Kay in action behind the scenes at the shoot. 

Favorite Frame Vendor The Organic Bloom

The Organic Bloom is a frame vendor for professional photographers. They are flat out awesome. I'm thrilled to carry their line. Check out their lookbooks at

Love this frame. Love this color. Love the flashback picture of my Kay-kay on her seventh birthday.

Those Who Wait

This is the story behind the pieces from the series "Intense Contradiction" from the art show "Sweet". 

This diptych is about having to wait for something big that you want or have been promised. While you may well have to wait on that thing, there are plenty of "small" things that you can enjoy if you will just become aware of them -and apprehend them.

Those Who Wait
Apprehended, Helena Rutan


This is the story behind the pieces from the series "Intense Contradiction" from the art show "Sweet". 

This group tells about the overcoming of a disquieting, fearful event.

The first piece is called "Disquieted". With evil circling overhead, as depicted by the black birds, the girl is fearful and threatened. Afraid of losing the good thing she holds. 

The second piece is called "So Fragile a Hope." This brave girl summons all her nerve to apprehend the good in the midst of threat and fear. She is hoping the sweet things might still be hers.

The third piece is called "Fierce Determination." With a gulp and a breath the girl decides she's all in. She is going for it!  Devils beware. 

The fourth piece is called "Sustained". She is proven right. She wins. 


Disquieted, Helena Rutan
Fierce Determination, Helena Rutan
So Fragile a Hope, Helena Rutan
Sustained, Helena Rutan


This is the story behind the pieces from the series "Intense Contradiction" from the art show "Sweet". 

This diptych is about the fight that is required if one is ever to see their true destiny. There is the obvious fight when there is a giant to slay or, on the flip side, there is the fight to just hang on and believe when everything is going wrong or it just feels like nothing is going on at all.

Fighting to Believe, Helena Rutan
Destiny, Helena Rutan

The first piece is called "Fighting to Believe (Holding on to Crayon Rainbows)."  and the second is called "Destiny."

Kids Clothes Upcycle (Star Dress)

upcycle kids dress, Helena Rutan

For this look...

Items upcycled: Outgrown favorite long-sleeved tee.
                            Unused maternity shirt.
                            Satin ribbon.

I cut the sleeves off of the tee and stretched and rolled the edges of the short sleeves that were left. I then cut the bottom of the tee off so the waistline of the dress would be an empire waiste (which I love for little girls). Next, I cut the top off the maternity shirt leaving only the bottom to be used as the skirt. After, gathering and fitting the skirt to fit the top, I pinned and stitched in place. I chose a coppery satin ribbon to complement the silver of the skirt and star on the bodice of the piece. Alaina helped me make the necklace from one of Isaac's discarded keychains.

Voila! Lanie loves it!