Taste and See

Taste and See 1, Helena Rutan

This is the story behind the pieces from the series "Intense Contradiction" from the art show "Sweet". 

This Diptych is entitled "Taste and See". It is a depiction of the verse "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who trusts in Him. Psalm 34:8" 

Taste and See 2, Helena Rutan

Life is experienced in real time. Things often don't make sense in the moment they are happening; understanding and meaning come later as we are able to take some time and process.  So, in the first piece, the little girl is taking her first tentative taste of what's been handed her. She cannot see at all yet. She tastes and trusts. Trust comes first.
In the second piece the child is no longer eating tentatively, as she has realized the Lord is indeed meaning this thing for good. And she is beginning to see.

Taste and See.