Nothing is Wasted

This is the story behind the pieces from the series "Intense Contradiction" from the art show "Sweet". 

For every other piece in this series, a confection that is actually sweet represents the sweet thing being depicted. This is the odd group out. Here the lemon is used to portray the shift that happens when a truly bitter experience fades and changes over time revealing the good, sweet thing God intended when He allowed the bitterness in the beginning. God does not waste pain on His children.

The first piece is called "The Despairing." This is the inevitable reaction to a bitter experience. 

The Despairing, Helena Rutan
Perspective Shift, Helena Rutan
The Offer, Helena Rutan
Nothing is Wasted, Helena Rutan

The second piece is called "The Offer." It portrays the fact everyone has the same offer. That is, hard things happen to us all, and it remains our own choice alone whether we allow a thing drag us down permanently or summon our courage, face it, and use it to propel us ever upward.

The third piece is called "Perspective Shift." This depicts the place where the tide turns as the seemingly evil thing is examined and truth becomes clear. The good is gleaned, the bad mourned and released.

The fourth piece is called "Nothing is Wasted." Now. We move on. Taking the experience with us. Having overcome.