This is the story behind the pieces from the series "Intense Contradiction" from the art show "Sweet". 

This group tells about the overcoming of a disquieting, fearful event.

The first piece is called "Disquieted". With evil circling overhead, as depicted by the black birds, the girl is fearful and threatened. Afraid of losing the good thing she holds. 

The second piece is called "So Fragile a Hope." This brave girl summons all her nerve to apprehend the good in the midst of threat and fear. She is hoping the sweet things might still be hers.

The third piece is called "Fierce Determination." With a gulp and a breath the girl decides she's all in. She is going for it!  Devils beware. 

The fourth piece is called "Sustained". She is proven right. She wins. 


Disquieted, Helena Rutan
Fierce Determination, Helena Rutan
So Fragile a Hope, Helena Rutan
Sustained, Helena Rutan