Hair and Makeup by Deborah Kay

So my sister Deborah is now a fully licensed hairstylist and makeup artist! Yay! And she is so incredibly talented that she is already working Charleston Fashion Week. What!? I know right. 

Anyway. We put our heads together for a mini session to showcase her hair and makeup skills for her portfolio. She did the whole range from sleek to avant-garde.

I even jumped in front of the camera for a minute to be the mature hairstyle shot for her portfolio. As many people know (or may not know), I lost my hair and have worn wigs for a couple of years. I finally got enough hair for Deborah to whip me up a little hairstyle for very short hair. If you must lose your hair, having a fiercely talented hairstylist sister is highly recommended.  

Also, it's her birthday today. Happy Birthday, Deborah Kay! What are we both like 27 now? 

If you are in the Charleston area and want to look beautiful. Look her up!!!

And me posing as her older mature woman hairstyle shot. Glad I could help out with that.

Here are a couple of shots of Deborah Kay in action behind the scenes at the shoot.