Kids Clothes Upcycle (Star Dress)

upcycle kids dress, Helena Rutan

For this look...

Items upcycled: Outgrown favorite long-sleeved tee.
                            Unused maternity shirt.
                            Satin ribbon.

I cut the sleeves off of the tee and stretched and rolled the edges of the short sleeves that were left. I then cut the bottom of the tee off so the waistline of the dress would be an empire waiste (which I love for little girls). Next, I cut the top off the maternity shirt leaving only the bottom to be used as the skirt. After, gathering and fitting the skirt to fit the top, I pinned and stitched in place. I chose a coppery satin ribbon to complement the silver of the skirt and star on the bodice of the piece. Alaina helped me make the necklace from one of Isaac's discarded keychains.

Voila! Lanie loves it!

Upcycled Retro Plates

I was stoked to find this set of brass plates at a thrift store! Woodland creatures are all the rage right now, especially deer. The girls are really into them. 

I cleaned the brass. I don't even know what kind of weird fake granite paint that was, but I did pink over it. And a layer of enamel over the top. So pretty! The girls love 'em!

Upcycled Kid's Armoire

'Cause sometimes you just need a deep purple armoire.

I found this amazing old school armoire at a Restore for $30.00. Although I have no idea where it came from originally, I swear, it reminds me of an old-school church armoire. It just had a certain smell. If you have ever smelled that old church smell, you know what I mean. 

Anyway, I added crown moulding to the top and a flat moulding to the front to add definition and interest. I use a miter box and hand saw for better precision. I had to add a magnetic closure because it originally just locked with a key as the latch. I chose a deep purple paint for this piece, just because, and used a glaze to distress it a bit. It already had nice wear to it because it is so old. Sparkly crystal knobs add just a touch of pretty. 

Inside, there is ample shelving for all sorts of toys. Diaper supplies are on the top shelf. On the left side, there is a place for little shoes and hooks for jackets and book bags.

Side note: The outfit that Ave-Zoe is wearing, I originally made for the twins. Now it's become a hand-me-down. Girls clothes pull quadruple duty here.

Upcylcled Teen Armoire

I found this piece at a "Restore" for $30.00. It fits the tiny corner perfectly! I was so happy with this serendipitous situation, as I had been looking for a cabinet like this for a while!

This cabinet seemed like an old office or even doctor's office cabinet. It took a minute or two hours of sanding to get through the thick varnish. I removed the outdated hardware and added a flat crown moulding. Robin's egg blue was the perfect hue for this piece. I added the glass pulls for the pretty factor. The top cabinet is great for putting big sister things out of little sisters' reach even with a chair. The main cabinet makes a nice little wardrobe, the door sports hooks for bags, and the two drawers at the bottom are for jeans n' things.