Favorite Frame Vendor The Organic Bloom

The Organic Bloom is a frame vendor for professional photographers. They are flat out awesome. I'm thrilled to carry their line. Check out their lookbooks at

Love this frame. Love this color. Love the flashback picture of my Kay-kay on her seventh birthday.

Three Reasons I Love Cypress Albums

Cypress Albums continue to be one of my favorite vendors. (I only use two vendors for my albums and Cypress Albums is one of them.)

1. They are beyond lovely. Gorgeous.

Really, they have an almost "pretty" or "girly" feel to them. Like an evening gown in the middle of so many suits. They are perfect for baby. Anything little girl. Kids. Senior girls. Family. Wedding. Really I would recommend this book for almost every kind of shoot except for like guy seniors or male models or something manly like that. For everything else they are just so perfect.

2. They are different than everyone else.

When going from vendor to vendor looking for albums, the scenery can start to look very much the same. Cypress Albums are a breath of fresh air.

3. They are classic and timeless.

Even though they are different than everyone else, it's not because they are super funky or the newest thing. They are different because they are classic.  Not in a black leather kind of way but in a beautiful fabric-y, ribbon-y kinda way. Love 'em.